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Photo Guidelines

Helping AmeriCares Capture Images from the Field:

Photographs from the field play a key role in AmeriCares work. They help us make a compelling case to donors who contribute medical products and funding. While AmeriCares staff take some photographs, our local partners and volunteers are a vital source of images and stories from the field. We greatly appreciate your help - and hope this guide will help you take the best possible photographs.

When taking photos for Americares, it is best to take high-resolution digital photos, which should be in JPEG format andat least 1 Megabyte (MB) in size. You can send the photos on a disk through the mail or by email. If the photos are too large or there are too many to send by email, please notify MOPPhotos@Americares.org or your main contact at AmeriCares. We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Photo Consent:

By sending AmeriCares the photos, you give us permission to reproduce them, in whole or in part, in AmeriCares publications, including newsletters, newspapers, magazines; on television and electronic media, including AmeriCares website, and the Internet; and in connection with the promotion of AmeriCares to help in educational, awareness and/or fundraising campaigns. We rely on our partners to only capture images of people who have given their permission. We assume the photographer respects the person's privacy and dignity, while observing all local customs, laws and regulations regarding the taking of photographs. AmeriCares understands that you are only sending us images of people who have agreed to have their pictures taken and which adhere to all photographic standards.

Photos Help Tell the Story:

The most useful photographs illustrate a complete story - and each story has four components as shown here:

#1 - Shows the situation #2 - Shows people in need
#3 - Shows the delivery of AmeriCares aid #4 - Shows people after delivery of aid

Also, please show AmeriCares logos and take photographs of donated product in use whenever possible:


Hang an AmeriCares banner in the background when photographing aid deliveries and distributions, or when medical care is given with AmeriCares products:


Please include the following information for each photo:

  • Location (city, town)
  • Date (automatically supplied by digital camera - but DO NOT set to display on image)
  • Photographer name and/or organization name for the photo credit.
  • Caption information (names of patients and medical staff, description of activity)

Finally, here are some tips which will help improve your photos:

  • Get closer - and fill the frame
  • Take both horizontal and vertical pictures
  • Get on the subjects' level - get down to eye-level with children
  • Take many shots - people sometimes blink, or look away - so take the same shot several times
  • Keep the camera steady, lean against something, brace yourself and hold your breath.

Thank you!

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