Photo Guidelines

Helping Americares Capture Images from the Field

Photographs from the field play a key role in Americares work. They help us make a compelling case to donors who contribute medical products and funding. While Americares staff take some photographs, our local partners and volunteers are a vital source of images and stories from the field. We greatly appreciate your help – and hope this guide will help you take the best possible photographs.

When taking photos for Americares, it is best to take high-resolution digital photos, which should be in JPEG format and at least 3 Megabytes (MB) in size. Please upload photos to your Trip Report with the corresponding photo releases or send them via email as attachments or part of a file sharing platform like DropBox. If the photos are too large or there are too many to send by email, please notify your main contact at Americares. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Photo Consent

By sending Americares the photos, you give us permission to reproduce them, in whole or in part, in Americares publications, including newsletters, newspapers, magazines, annual reports; on television and in all forms of media, including Americares website, the Internet, e-mail communications and video productions, for educational, promotional and other purposes consistent with Americares mission.

We rely on our partners to only capture images of people who have given their permission. We assume the photographer respects the person’s privacy and dignity, while observing all local customs, laws and regulations regarding the taking of photographs. Americares understands that you are only sending us images of people who have agreed to have their pictures taken and which adhere to all photographic standards. For each photo of a unique subject submitted, you will provide a release for use of the photos by Americares, signed by the subject and/or guardian where applicable. Americares will provide the release in any language required.

You can access photo releases here

Feel free to also reach out to us at [email protected].

Photos Help Tell the Story

The most useful photographs tell a complete story–illustrating the situation, people in need and the delivery of Americares aid.

When possible, please incorporate Americares donated products in use.

Include the following information for each photo you send to Americares:

  • Date the photo/video is captured
  • Photographer’s full name, or organization the photographer is involved with
  • Full names of everyone in the photo/video
  • Country and location (city, town)
  • Description of activity (what is happening at the time the photo/video is captured)

Finally, here are some tips which will help improve your photos:

  • Start by asking people if they are comfortable with having their photo taken
  • Always approach people in their language when seeking permission. Work with interpreters if needed
  • Explain how their image could be used: social media, newsletters, websites, fundraising appeals, etc
  • Get close to the subject and fill the frame
  • Take both horizontal and vertical pictures
  • Get on the subjects’ level (get down to eye-level with children)
  • Take many shots – people will sometimes blink or look away, so it is best to take the same shot several times

What Makes a Good Image?


Emotion (especially compassion)